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Will Facebook Notify Some Users Exposed to Russian Propaganda

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6 décembre 2017

Fellow petitioners, Facebook has taken a first step toward answering our demands. Read the attached article for more details:

« In the coming weeks, the social giant plans to roll out a new tool so that users can check if they followed or ‘Liked’ pages and accounts — on both Facebook and Instagram — that the Kremlin quietly set up over the past two years in order to sow social and political unrest, the company announced Wednesday.

« Only a slice of the roughly 140 million users who may have seen Kremlin-backed content on Facebook and Instagram during the 2016 election can take advantage of Facebook’s new portal, which will soon become part of the site’s Help Center. That’s due in part to technical limitations, the company contends. »

We’re not ready to declare victory yet- this is a limited solution. But we are encouraged that Facebook is taking appropriate care on this crucial issue. Watch this space!

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